Lavori e offerte di lavoro - ogni giorno solo nuove offerte

  • - Trovate il lavoro dei vostri sogni nei migliori resort d'Europa
  • - Completate il vostro profilo in pochi minuti
  • - Mettetevi in contatto diretto con i datori di lavoro
Accesso semplice e gratuito alle offerte di lavoro
Filtri intelligenti
Contatti via chat con i datori di lavoro
Interviste video per presentarsi nel migliore dei modi


Scaricate la app Lavoria
Completate il vostro profilo in cinque minuti
Mettetevi in contatto diretto con i datori di lavoro
Ottenete il vostro prossimo lavoro

Lavori di risentimento

Scarica l'app di ricerca lavoro Lavoria

Chat con i datori di lavoro

Attirare l'attenzione del datore di lavoro, rispondere a offerte di lavoro, fissare un incontro o scambiarsi i contatti: tutto questo in una chat protetta all'interno della app

Controllate gli inviti in tempo reale

Get notifications and start immediate conversations with interested employers.

Ricevete solo le offerte di lavoro pertinenti

Grazie ai nostri filtri intelligenti potete visualizzare esclusivamente gli impieghi attinenti alle vostre qualifica, aspettative e disponibilità.

Completate il vostro profilo in pochi minuti

Rispondete a semplici domande su voi stessi, scegliete i parametri per il vostro futuro lavoro, caricate il vostro CV, sostenete la videointervista usando la videocamera del vostro dispositivo e sarete inclusi nei risultati di ricerca dei datori di lavoro.

Get calendar by downloading the printable file below, enjoy using it, and have an amazing 2023!
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The official launch of LAVORIA took place on 21st of October in Crete.
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"Lavoria" per i datori di lavoro

With Lavoria employers from Europe can find an employee by a resume, and citizens of the Netherlands, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, and other countries can find a job abroad. Check Lavoria's mobile application or the website where we publish new job ads daily, most of which are related to the hospitality industry.
Have you wanted to go abroad for a long time and work in HoReCa? Find a permanent or seasonal job in Europe? More than 600 vacancies are active right now — Barista, Waitress, Kitchen Assistant, Online Shopping Agent and other job options abroad.
How does it work? On the website employers can add an online vacancy announcement indicating the desired period of employment of the employee, salary, place of work and responsibilities. Applicants can similarly create a CV online with the desired position and format of work, skills, experience and desired salary. For example, you are only looking for an overseas summer job in 2022 and want to travel around the European country at this time.
What special features are available for both sides?

For job seekers:
  • Advanced filters for the selection of suitable vacancies from direct employers in Europe. For example, you can indicate that you are only looking for a seasonal part-time job in Cyprus.
  • Online chat where you can ask about the vacancy to the employer
  • The ability to record a video interview and send responses to foreign vacancies
  • Notifications about new vacancies and offers from employers
For employers:
  • Quick registration, user friendly interface for adding job ads
  • Database with resumes of potential applicants from around the world
  • Video interviews of candidates and the opportunity to contact them directly in an online chat
  • Functionality for sending invitations to potential employees

Lavoria is a fast and convenient job search from direct employers from Cyprus, Greece, the Netherlands, Austria, and other European countries. Dream of living and working in Europe is reality with Lavoria. Both employers and job seekers are happy with us!