Work in Greece: Which three jobs dominate the Hospitality industry?

Work in Greece: Which three jobs dominate the Hospitality industry?
Assume that you are seeking employment in Greece. If you are searching for a speedy career recovery, the hotel industry will likely be one of the first locations you consider, if not the quickest. Obviously, if you have relevant education, you will continue to seek employment in this industry. Furthermore, professional recovery grows significantly throughout the summer months due to the onset of the tourist season, which is directly tied to hospitality.

The significance of hospitality-related occupations is unique in Greece. The noun "hospitality" (philoxenia in Greek) is derived from the Greek verb "Philo," which means to love, and the noun "Xenos," the stranger in English; it alludes to the act of providing care for a stranger in one's house.

The above definition of hospitality derives from ancient Greece, where it was a moral obligation and norm for the ancients to welcome and care for guests in their homes. Xenios Zeus was the guardian of the foreigners, and they saw their beloved God in the faces of the strangers. Therefore, they viewed the foreigners visiting them as sacred and revered.

Hospitality continues to be of enormous cultural and economic significance to Greece, as it is directly tied to tourism and the country's overall economic development.

Greece and Tourism

Tourism is arguably Greece's most important industry, while numerous professions flourish within this industry, which is the engine of the nation's economic growth. Such vocations include tour guides, travel agents, hoteliers, and caterers.

Specifically, tourism generates around 946,000 employments annually, employing a significant portion of the population between March and November. Consequently, more and more people are opting for this industry. In addition, due to the increase in winter tourism in the country, several occupations are no longer seasonal. Therefore, it is highly probable that your employment in this industry is not seasonal and that you will work year-round in the position for which you will be hired.

Some soft skills, including adaptability, communication, discipline, and organization, are required for all tourism-related occupations. In addition, now that the digital age has pretty much taken over the tourism industry, a basic understanding of technology is always welcome and essential.

This year's resurgence of tourism, following two years of recession due to the pandemic, served as a reminder that it is one of the most vital industries. We anticipate an increase in demand and an upward trend in tourist occupations. Tourism is a significant economic driver since it adapts to change and does not vanish or diminish.

Due to seasonality, several residents fear finding employment in the tourism industry and, by extension, the hospitality sector. However, as we have already shown, this seasonality is minimal (you will work from March to November) if it exists. Secondly, most tourism-related and hospitality-related occupations now offer permanent employment. Thus, it is incorrect to associate tourism or hospitality with periodicity.

HORECA and work

The hospitality industry has a direct relationship with HORECA. HORECA is the largest business forum and the most important venue for investment opportunities in the Greek tourism industry. It modifies the data for Hotels and Mass Catering and opens up new routes for the modernization of the Greek tourism offering because it unites all the commercial forces of the Hospitality sector. HORECA and hospitality are intimate affiliates.

The three jobs in the Greek hotel industry.



Assistant Cooks

The three hospitality occupations in high demand in Greece are waiters, bartenders, and assistant cooks. Many catering enterprises, cafes, and pubs in the countryside are open from morning until night. Therefore, those top three jobs leave no mark on us, as they are required individuals for the operations above to run well.

The qualities required for employment in the professions mentioned above:

  • If they do not have a degree in Culinary Arts, assistant cooks should have relevant culinary expertise and experience. Additionally, it is vital to be able to deal with pressure and time constraints, as well as to anticipate and prevent problems in the kitchen. Finally, organization, imagination, and self-control are invaluable companions.

  • To be certified, bartenders must have attended seminaries or comparable academies. However, experience is also required and crucial. If you want to work in these fields, you must be quick, creative, able to work under pressure, organized, and flexible.

  • To maximize their likelihood of being employed, waiters must have relevant experience. However, your communication skills and professional demeanor are essential qualities. Your most valuable allies are swiftness, memory, organization, effective communication, and resilience to pressure.

Other highly demanding jobs in the hospitality industry are activity organizers, travel agency employees, food and beverage (FnB) managers, and caterers. Hotel employees are in high demand, too, and they can be divided into receptionists if they speak English or other foreign languages and chambermaids if they only talk in Greek.

According to studies, the hospitality and tourist industries employ around 3,3 million people in the European Union. After experiencing a slump from the epidemic, restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, resorts, cultural venues, and attractions are thriving again.

Thus, we are returning to normalcy, which is also evidenced by the growth of these professions. Why not participate in this development? Why not search for your ideal hospitality position now? This is easier, simpler, and faster than ever with Lavoria.

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Tourism and hospitality are leading industries with continuing expansion. In Greece, waiters, bartenders-baristas, and Assistant Cooks are significant in the hospitality occupations. So, why not seek employment in the professions above, knowing the qualities they want for every applicant? With Lavoria, you could begin pursuing your ideal job!

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