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Let the candidates to find you

Free job posts will be visible to all Lavoria job seekers, allowing them to express their interest in your vacancy at no cost.

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Upgraded job post

Best for small business

This option enables you to post your job opening, making it visible to all Lavoria job seekers, and communicate with those who respond to your advertisement.

  • Advertise your vacancy
  • Enabled chats with jobseekers who respond to the advert
  • Access the contact details and CVs of job seekers who respond to the advertisement.

*VAT is not included


Unlock candidates profile

This option grants you access to the profile data of selected candidate(s) and enables you to initiate communication with them.

  • Candidate email and/or phone number access
  • Ability to start a chat with a candidate
  • Ability to view attached CV and video interview (where available)

*VAT is not included


Access to the upgraded jobseekers’ database

Take the initiative and send invitations to the most fitting job seekers without waiting for applications

Gain entry to unlocked profiles of job seekers in a single department for a duration of 30 days. For more information on department details, refer to our FAQ section below.

Utilize this option to post your vacancy, making it visible to all Lavoria job seekers, including passive candidates. Reach out to potential matches, extend offers, initiate chats, and gather comprehensive information about the job seekers.

The most effective solutions for seamless recruitment of numerous positions within the same department

  • Advertise your vacancy
  • Facilitate chats with job seekers responding to the advertisements and initiate communication with passive candidates in the same department(s).
  • Access to all jobseekers’ profiles with all data of chosen department(s) for 30 days

*VAT is not included


Unlimited access

Best for large business

Get access to all opportunities - Fill all your vacancies.

Unlimited job postings with access to unlocked profiles of all the job seekers for a designated period.

The best options for companies with numerous vacancies across different departments.

  • Unlimited number of job posts
  • Gain entry to the entire job seeker database, including unlocked profile details across all departments.
  • Enabled chats with all the jobseekers

*VAT is not included


Extra options

Promotion of a post with your vacancy in social networks


*VAT is not included

  • Receive feedback from candidates or proactively send invitations yourself

  • Discover and browse through thousands of candidate profiles, inviting them to your vacancies

  • Engage in conversations with candidates within the portal or reach out to them via phone number or email

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Free Job Posting

Unlock Profile

Upgraded Posting



Job posting
Access to jobseekers’ profiles
Access to CV, Phone & Surname of jobseekers


only jobseekers who responded to your job post

only selected jobseeker's profile

jobseekers of selected department

Initiate chats with job seekers



Receive the responses and interests from jobseekers
Opportunity to answer


Only jobseekers unlocked profile

Support by email and phone
FAQ’s pricing
Lavoria is an online recruitment tool, tailor-made exclusively for HoReCa. It was created to ease recruiters in sourcing seasonal, but not only, employees. Lavoria allows connecting employers from the hospitality sector who are looking for employees, with job seekers from all over Europe including Cyprus and Greece. We have created an online platform for the use of employers and a mobile application for candidates.
Employers have the possibility to create the company's profile and publish their vacancies which takes 5 minutes. The candidates using Lavoria mobile application can see all the available positions and can apply to the selected ones by starting a chat directly with the recruiters. Employers will receive information concerning candidates' interests and can move on to the recruitment process.
At the same time, employers have the possibility to engage passive candidates by contacting them with an offer (an additional charge applies). All the interested candidates can be found in the "invitations and responses" section.
The "Candidate search" section is a catalog with all the profiles - using Lavoria's smart filters will help you to see only relevant ones. You can filter them based on profile completeness, location, experience, knowledge of English, etc).
The "Hiring process" will help you to stay organized throughout the recruitment process- simply drag and drop profiles to the correct stage.
You may register for free on our portal by following the link and filling in the basic information.
Post a job after choosing the package that suites your needs or use our free job post option.
Lavoria is a self-service platform.
Once you purchase our services you will be able to create a vacancy by following our extremely user-friendly system within just a couple of minutes, or you may use our free job post option.
Feel free to contact us if facing any difficulties
To purchase our services you may use the following:
1. Online payment with a Credit/ Debit Card
2. Bank transfer
For online payments we use the STRIPE payment system which is certified PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. (Stripe forces HTTPS for all services using TLS (SSL))