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Connecting with Employers

Yes, you can communicate with employers through the messaging system on the app. Employers have the option to contact you via our chat feature, call you, or send you an email

No, you should update your availability status to indicate that you are no longer actively seeking employment. This will ensure that your profile is not visible to employers. You can switch your visibility back on when you are ready to start job hunting again

App Features

Optimize your profile by adding a professional photo, uploading the video interview, and detailing your experience for increased visibility to employers. Utilize 'Boost CV' to ensure your profile remains at the top of the jobseekers' catalog.

Yes, easily share job listings on various social media platforms directly through the Lavoria app.

Auto-Interest is a feature that enables jobseekers to set conditions or rules, and our system will automatically send your interest to all vacancies that meet your selected criteria. This streamlines your job search process and enhances your profile's visibility to a maximum number of employers, thereby increasing your chances of employment.

For example, you can specify settings such as position (e.g., waiter/waitress), contract duration (e.g., short-term/long-term), and location (e.g., Athens, Greece)

The video interview feature is highly favored by employers. It allows jobseekers to upload a 1-minute recording where they can introduce themselves to potential employers. During this video, you can discuss your work experience, languages spoken, availability, and other relevant details.

This video is visible only to employers/recruiters, providing them with a first impression of you

The Boost CV function will elevate your profile to the top of the jobseekers' catalogue, thereby enhancing your chances of employability. Additionally, it signals to employers that you are actively seeking employment. You can use it once a week to stay on the top

Billing & Subscription

The use of Lavaria app is free of charge for the jobseekers

Security & Support

Lavoria prioritizes data security; your personal information is encrypted and stored securely.

Contact us through the app Service Chat, email: or phone:+357 24202577 / +30 6942710617

Use the service chat within the app or contact our team via email