Simplified relocating conditions in Cyprus for Ukrainian citizens

Simplified relocating conditions in Cyprus for Ukrainian citizens

Cyprus is one of the best countries for emigration to Europe with the opportunity of employment. Here you can not only live and enjoy a comfortable climate, but also find a job with a decent salary and working conditions. 

Currently, the Government of Cyprus provides citizens of Ukraine with simplified entry and residence opportunities on the island. So you can come to Cyprus for a while or on a long-term basis. 

Preferential entry conditions are claimed by the citizens of Ukraine, refugees, members of their families, stateless persons and persons with a residence permit of Ukraine. The only one condition is to live in Ukraine until February 24, 2022.  


What documents will be required? You will need to provide a certificate of no criminal record and any of the six official papers below:



Valid biometric or non-biometric passport

Your regular passport

Expired biometric or non-biometric passport

If you haven't had time to change your passport after reaching the age of the shift 

Identification card issued in Ukraine

Plastic ID card, a document providing identity

Internal passport

Civil passport 

Exit documents 

Temporary documents for the permission to travel abroad issued by the Government of Ukraine 

Permanent or temporary residence permit 

Residence permit signed by the Government of Ukraine

* No more documents (including a certificate of vaccination COVID-19) will be required


Application process

After arriving in the territory of Cyprus, you must apply for temporary protection.  There are 2 options, both of them are free:

  1. Apply online via the website (but after 48 hours you will need to visit the center in person) 

  2. Visit one of the six centers in Cyprus in person 

We offer a table that will be able to orient you according to the application rules:

Important moments


Application submission (online or in person)

Married couple and children under 18 can be included in one application (for other relatives and adult children will be required an individual application)


72 hours is the total waiting period for obtaining a residence permit and temporary protection

Attached documents

A copy of the passport or identity card (for each family member in the application)

The validity period of the received temporary protection

March 4, 2023 with the possibility of extension

While your documents will be processed by government agencies, you can take the time to find housing and a job. Lavoria will help with the latter, with us you can:

  • Find a job with the suitable conditions for you (there are options with accommodation)

  • Choose the option of seasonal or permanent work 

  • View relevant vacancies and post your resume 

  • Take video interviews with employers

You will have access to some opportunities along with the rights of citizens of Cyprus after documents readiness:

  • Residence rights in the country 

  • Right to work 

  • Social benefits 

  • Medical care 

  • The right to education of children under 18 

By this time, you will most likely have already received an invitation to work, because more than 600 vacancies are available right now. Are you ready to find your job?