When will international tourism will return to pre-pandemic level?

According to the report, Europe could see a fast tourism recovery, with 771 million expected arrivals in 2024, more more than triple the all-time low of 227mn seen in 2020.

Europe is likely to see larger tourist arrivals than the other regions because it suffered the largest drop in absolute terms in 2020, with over 500 million fewer international tourists. UNWTO expects EU countries to work together to better align on lifting travel restrictions: Europe has the most to gain in terms of a tourism revival if it can come up with a valid vaccine passport/card solution.

When looking at the different sub-sectors, UNWTO found that domestic leisure could be back on track even faster, by 2022.

Source: https://www.eulerhermes.com/en_global/news-insights/economic-insights/Tourism-Europe-will-be-at-the-frontline-of-the-recovery-but-only-in-2024.html