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HoReCa. Video. CV. Verified. Profiles. Hospitality jobseekers.
HoReCa. Video. CV. Verified. Profiles. Hospitality jobseekers.
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  • Profiles of 30,000+ candidates from EU seeking hospitality employment

  • Responses and invitations, chats within the portal

  • Recommendation of suitable candidates for your job opening

  • Pre-selection based on activity, work preferences, location, experience, etc

Recommendation System
Recommendation System

After publishing your job openings, you'll have access to a list of recommended candidates who may match your job specifications.

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Unlimited Job

Publish an unlimited number of job posts for free. It takes no more than 5 minutes to post a vacancy, and you can immediately begin searching for candidates.

Candidate Database
Access to Candidate Database

Use convenient filters to identify candidates that align with your requirements. Activity indicators, video CVs, verification, and other features will aid you in making informed choices.

Candidate Database
Invite Candidates & Receive Responses

Leverage our convenient and modern service for receiving responses and sending invitations. Utilize in-platform chats for seamless communication.

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Publish your job opening effortlessly by completing sections in our user-friendly interface. Expedite the process with our quick job description templates.

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Receive applications, extend invitations to the most fitting candidates, and initiate chats with all those who align with your requirements.

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E. Stylli
Accountant & HR Coordinator, Cyprus Airports F&B LTD
Our focus is to hire in the region. Lavoria allows us to focus on the job seekers who are located nearby. It is very practical and at the same time innovative recruitment tool. The process of sourcing candidates is more effective than from the previously used sources.
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L. Panayiotou
General Manager, Louis Hotels Plc Co Ltd
Hiring around 400 seasonal employees for our hotels in Cyprus and Greece is a challenge. The use of Lavoria platform substantially has been supporting this process since 2022 within our company. In particular, we have observed reduced candidates' sourcing time by 40%, recruiting costs by 60% and increased number of returning the seasonal candidates.
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H. Michailidou
Business owner, Hellens Cafe
I have been working in the F&B Industry for several years, and I can confidently say that Lavoria is a real gem for our industry. With their help, we have been able to significantly reduce the time spent on finding qualified staff. We gained access to a large database of candidates located near our cafes. This allowed us to find and attract talented professionals who perfectly fit our requirements.
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